Eeyore gets married

This is my first blog but it felt like a really good time to start doing it. I get married in 5 months time and am fully ensconced in dresses, menu choices and whose great uncle is more likely to hit on one of the bridesmaids. This is a momentous occasion – there’s a reason many people refer to it as ‘the big day’. And while I absolutely cannot wait for that day to come round the planning of said occasion is causing me sleepless nights and anxiety like nothing I’ve known before. This blog is my way of purging these anxieties and maybe along the way helping others who are having trouble sharing in the excitement of those around them.

Before I go any further I want to stress that above anything else in the world I want to marry my partner. I’ve managed to meet the kindest, funniest and supportive man and couldn’t ask for anything more. I wasn’t one of those little girls who dreamed about her wedding day as to be honest I never thought it would happen. But somehow after kissing many frogs, snails and other questionable amphibians I’ve finally found someone I want to grow old and saggy with.

I am not naturally the most optimistic of people. When I was little my mum bought me an Eeyore badge and told me to wear it when I was feeling down so the whole family would be alert to what mood I was in. I’m also a natural worrier, I care too much what people think and I’ll often put other people’s needs before my own. That makes me sound like some self-less god-like being but in reality it makes me a nervous, quivering wreck with questionable social skills. As I have discovered over the last few months, these qualities do not go well with wedding planning. Through this blog I hope to document the trials and tribulations of getting to ‘the big day’ for someone with an anxious nature in the hope that I’ll look back one day and realise it was a complete waste of time worrying about these things and what I should really have been concerned with was the state of UK politics, nuclear war and the fact that bees are slowly dying out.


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